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Can you ride our Street Fighter Skateboards?


We get this question all the time, can you ride those NSURGO skateboards?  Well the answer is YES!  Being authentic is important to us!  Our skate decks are made from high quality wood and are same level as the top tier board manufacturers today.  We actually took our prototypes and had every day skaters take them out for testing and feedback.


So let skaters do what they do best!  Not only did they share what they thought but we also got some great photos and videos.  As we grow our line of skateboards we can't wait to show you how great they are on a wall and at the park.  They are limited edition, laser engraved with a number BUT trust us, if you ever feel like making it a complete and taking out, well you know... Keep Pushing!

nsurgo skate video from gravitate productions on Vimeo.