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In4mation and NSURGO Team Up To Celebrate 30 Years of Street Fighter


For Immediate Release May 15 2017:

In4mation teams up with Nsurgo for a 30 Year celebration of Capcom’s Street Fighter 2.

Street Fighter 2 was such a revolutionary game and experience growing up in the 90’s says the crew of In4mation and Nsurgo. You would find where the game was whether if it were in a convenience store, pool hall or arcade as this game would always have a line up of people of all types waiting to play each other with quarters lined up on the dashboard.

We feel lucky to have been able to team up and work with Rob from Nsurgo and the known Street Fighter illustrator Long Vo who are the official license holders of Capcom’s Street Fighter series says In4mation. A good friend helped us line up together and as we started discussing the project, we all knew that we were all on the same page when it came to our thoughts and visions for everything. We decided to use In4mation’s most notable iconic “ Hi “ design as the main base and then added the details that pertain to each fighter and their historic region.

The In4mation x Nsurgo (Street Fighter 2) collection which consist of Caps of the 12 original fighters alongside T-shirts and Skateboard Decks will start to release on May 20 2017 and will have a final release date of July 15 2017 at the re-known Evo tradeshow located at the Mandalay Bay.

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About In4mation:

In4mation is comprised of four partners. The name in4mation is derived from the popular anime series voltron, in which unique characters assembled to become one indestructible machine. The name In4mation and the “plus” logo mark symbolizes that bond and the company’s positive outlook attained by exploring varied paths of life. In4mation’s strength in this niche market is built upon a set of varied experiences, from being clothing reps, buyers, freelance designers, and pro / am skate and surf team riders. In4mation’s team collectively has a decade long resume that reflects action sports, lifestyle, and the retail market.

About Nsurgo:

Based out of San Diego, CA Nsurgo collaborates with artists and inventors to design limited-edition collectibles that fit today’s lifestyles. We connect concepts to the licensing that turns your ideas into products. From Street fighter skate decks to exclusive GI Joe Snake Eyes figurines. We create merchandise that bringer deeper connections to comics, games, and brands that fans already know and love. So, go ahead, you can look and touch. Rare and original collectibles are meant to be enjoyed.


For press inquiries email: info@nsurgo.com