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Street Fighter V Character Art Show Recap!


Street Fighter fans around the world had their eyes on San Francisco this past weekend.  CAPCOM Cup 2015 was being held with the best Street Fighter players in the world competed for big money.  Across the city a special Street Fighter event was happening at the BAIT location in the Mission.  The Street Fighter V Character Art Show by UDON Entertainment had fans getting close and personal with three amazing artists.  Long Vo, Jeff "Chamba" Cruz, and Edwin Huang were giving their fans a real treat.  These three amazing artists were showing off their skills with amazing canvas art, sketches, and full color drawings all weekend.




We were very happy to participate in this event to debut our Street Fighter skate decks done by Long Vo.  It was a great weekend for fans to be able to pick up a deck and have Long sign and do a custom sketch.  Instant art and collectors piece!  From fans including Justin Wong came by to scoop up Ryu and Akuma.


On Saturday, CAPCOM and Mad Catz stepped in and hosted a Street Fighter tournament.  With 16 entries, single elimination the competition was fierce and fun!  UDON, CAPCOM, and Mad Catz all stepped in with some awesome prizes.  So if you missed out on all this Street Fighter goodness, stay on the look out for 2016.