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Blog - metal gear solid bionic arm

Metal Gear Solid V Bionic Arm 1:1 scale is coming to North America


We were stoked with the Metal Gear Solid Collectors Edition was announced last year in North America.  Whoa, we get to have a bionic arm!  Then, we found out Japan gets the 1:1 scale.... ummm.  Not cool.  Last year we were approached by the company who made the 1:1 scale bionic arm and offered to bring it to the United States so we jumped on the opportunity to bringing this to all the fans of MGS to North America!

As of this blog post we've been overwhelmed of the response to the news that we broke in January about taking preorders.  We appreciate the response and very happy to offer an introductory price we feel is fair to collectors.  We have been in contact with the manufacturer and are still on schedule to receiving this collectors piece by May 2016.


As far as the piece, yes, we have a sample and its really cool.  The point of articulation are really amazing.  From the fingers, hand, and wrist it's really a work of art.  More than just a toy this is a true collectors piece for the Metal Gear Solid fan.  We will definitely keep everyone posted on the latest news of this piece!