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Toa Heavy Industries 1/6 CaRB (Collared and Reprogrammed Body)


Reprogrammed to kill.  The 1/6 Carb from Toa Heavy Industries just landed in our office and we couldn't be more impressed with this drop.  We love the details of the killer robotic arm and leg.  This robot is ready to hunt and the synthetic human better watch out.  


The quality and workmanship of this piece is consistent with 1000 Toys.  With the multiple points of articulation you can't but help appreciate how many endless positions to put this toy.  The blade popping out of the right hand and the left arm to knock someone out is sure to deal a death blow to anyone standing in its way.  The detail of the Carb is just plain cool.  The shading and weathering of each body part just makes the highlights pop out.  Black being my favorite color I can't help but just fall in love with it. Enjoy the photos!!!

Fans worldwide will not be disappointed with this item.  Toa Heavy Industries will continue to make their mark on the toy world and we can't wait to see what they bring to us next!