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Do you have a product or toy you would like to work with an entertainment or production company?  We can get this!

You have a great idea for a toy or product.  You have the means to create this item and ready to move forward but the world of licesning is a mystery to you.  In the world of licesning it's important to work with people who know how to guide you throug the process.  We help you understand how to work with entertainment or production companies.  Do not be intimdated by the licensing world, let us deal with the hard work while you focus on creating.





We have the sales channels to get your product to your customers!

Have you been selling online with your toys for the past few years and selling out?  You've created a fan base and ready to expand your products to dealers who want to sell your product.  Are you overseas and ready to expand to sell in the United States?  We are here to be your U.S. distributor.  We have the sales channels to get your product to dealers throughout the U.S.  Let's get your product into the stores so you can reach even more fans!   





Access to the latest products and toys with aggressive pricing for high margins.  
We can get to anyone!

As a retailer you are looking for collectible toys and memoreblia?  We work with exclusive manfacturers and artist that your customers want.  We can help you find these sought after items.  Through our warehouse we ship quickly and get these items to you fast.  






We target the right groups to put your toy in front of your fans!  
Marketing and social media moves fast and timing is even more important today.

You may have the greatest toy out there but if no one is talking about it then how will it sell?  Do you understand how to go viral?  Getting your product in the front of the right people who will talk about it is key to in today's crazy world of advertising and marketing.  We know how to get your product in front of the right people to start talking about your item and toy.  Word of mouth marketing is key and social media is a tool to getting you there.  






Are you an artist with an idea?  Thought about doing a toy design on your own?  
We can make it happen from concept to product!

You have a great idea for a toy and not sure how to start.  Our group has the knowledge from concept, design, production, and certification needed to get your toy created.  The process can be somewhat intimidating but with our help we can help to make your idea come to life.  If you are stuck or looking to create a new toy let's talk and we can work with you on the process or even consult with the project.